The process below indicates how you can order genomic testing. Our dedicated staff and medical team will be available to help guide you through the process.

request form signed

1Get Your Request Form Signed

Contact CG Genomics Oncology to receive and complete the Request Form for your healthcare professional to sign. If you require assistance with test selection or further information on the purpose of the test, we can arrange for you to speak with a Customer Liaison.

return signed form

2Return the Signed Form

Return the signed and completed Request Form along with any other relevant histopathology and biopsy results.

Provide Your Sample

3Provide Your Sample

Depending on the tests chosen, we will arrange for a sample collection kit to be posted to you, or we will arrange for retrieval of your existing .

sending sample for testing

4Sending Your Sample for Testing

CG Genomics Oncology will arrange to send your sample to Genomics for Life for testing in Brisbane, Australia.

Undertaking Testing

5Undertaking Testing

Testing on your sample will be undertaken which may take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the test chosen and when the sample is received.



A comprehensive report on your test results will be sent to you and your doctor. The results will be sent in encrypted format, protecting and securing your information.



If you require assistance interpreting your tests results, CG Genomics Oncology also provides access to medical professionals who can assist with the interpretation of your results.


Genomic testing is a much more complex process than standard blood tests. It involves extraction of tissue from your sample, which needs to be read and analysed, to be presented in a detailed report. CG Genomics Oncology’s turnaround times are competitive with all the major providers in Asia.

The turnaround times are test dependent but will be between 14-28 days.



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