General FAQ

CG Genomics Oncology’s mission is to bring advanced genomic testing to patients, physicians and clinics in Asia to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and inherited diseases. We are the sole distributor for Genomics For Life’s testing in Asia.

Genomic testing involves the analysis of DNA and RNA from solid or blood samples to identify mutations that may cause or be causing cancer.

Results from genomic testing can be utilised in many ways, depending on the test, including:

  • Identify specific gene changes that are responsible for cancer
  • Provide alternate treatment options
  • Inform drug and treatment choices
  • Monitor response to treatment
  • Obtain a definitive diagnosis of a cancer
  • Determine the severity of the cancer
  • Identify the risk of developing cancer
  • Identify the risk of having a child with cancer

Turnaround times are dependent on the type of test requested and how soon we can arrange for delivery to our testing partner in Brisbane, Australia. We can discuss this with you when arranging the testing. We are competitive with all the Asia-based testing providers.

The test is performed in an Australian owned and operated private diagnostic pathology laboratory in Brisbane, Queensland.

Genomic testing ranges from ~US$500 to US$10,000 depending on the number of genes analysed and the comprehensiveness of the report. Please contact us for a quote.

Cancer Patients FAQ

Genomic testing looks at the DNA of your tumour and identifies mutations that are unique to each person’s cancer.

Genomic testing provides a personalised approach to your cancer treatment, giving you the best chance of survival. Clinical trials of over 70,000 patients have shown that personalized therapy, based on genomic profiling of tumours, is the most effective way to improve outcome, with higher response rates, longer progression free and overall survival, and fewer deaths related to toxic effects across cancers.

Investing in genomic testing, to obtain a complete diagnosis and to select appropriate therapy is small compared with the money that may be wasted on ill-chosen therapies.

Genomic testing provides a powerful diagnostic tool, and every patient with cancer deserves an accurate diagnosis.

Yes. Performing genomic testing at the start of your diagnosis enables the best treatment plan to be established from the beginning.

Yes. Performing genomic testing after treatment is still useful as it can provide alternate treatment options and drug targets, discover resistance mutations that may be causing progression of the disease and enable you to track your response to treatment.



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